Recent MAC Purchases

So... I've been naughty. Lipstick is my downfall. Actually. Scrap that. Makeup is my downfall. Whenever I see an email that entitles 'FREE SHIPPING' or '50% off', my mind goes a bit crazy. But, I can't be the only one, can I? I know I should be saving up. I'm actually going on a short holiday to London tomorrow as an early birthday treat, so it's a bit late! Nevertheless, I'm glad I have these beauties in my collection now!
At first, I was looking to find a new nude lipstick that I could wear everyday, and it being an easy shade to apply. I came across the cremesheen Peach Blossom. I have not heard much about this lipstick over the blogesphere, but it is a frosted cool nude lipstick. It's quite glossy, with a hint of coral/peach to give the lips a plump and lustrous finish. After a while of scrolling through their many lipsticks on their website, I came across the satin finished lipstick Rebel, one that I have, in fact, heard quite a bit about. It is a midtonal cream plum, perfect for either dabbing on the lips for a light wash of colour, or wiped all over the lips to give a bold, statement look. It's a gorgeous colour, and I think it will help me breach out of my comfort zone of lipsticks! I can't express how much I love MAC lipsticks. They smell edible, and have sleek, minimal packaging. The only downside is the price. £15 for a lipstick. Not the best for those on a budget. You could probably find cheaper alternatives in drugstores!
I have never tried MAC makeup brushes before, and from hearing so many good reviews of the MAC 217 Blending Brush, I could not help myself. It is such a densely packed brush, it's perfect for blending. I'm pretty sure you're bored of other people telling you how good it is, but I might as well tell you that I also love it (even after my first use this morning!) It's domed shape is perfect for the crease of the eye, and the size is also exemplary. An all rounder, and one that I will be using for many years from now - I can tell! I'm thinking of investing in a couple more so I don't have to wash them as much. Yes. I'm lazy! Who cares?! But at £18 a pop, I think it will be a while before I get another!


  1. Rebel looks amazing on you x

    1. thank you very much! you've put a smile on my face! x