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When did you first start getting into make up? I didn't wear any makeup when I was in Primary School. It wasn't a necessity, and nobody else wore it. There were no pressures. However, when it came around to High School, everyone wore it, so I guess there was more compulsion to looking pretty, or like everyone else?! But, it wasn't something I would put a lot of effort into wearing. I remember stealing some of my mum's bright metallic green eyeshadow, and wearing it solely on my lids, and then get told off by my head of year! I guess you could say it took me a few years to get into a full face of makeup. Age wise, I would say about 13/14.
What was the first make up you bought? As I have mentioned before in my lipstick tag (link here) I believe I bought a Body Shop lipstick, and a Natural Collection lip gloss. Not the most exciting of makeup products as they were a basic pink colour, possibly a 'your lips but better' colour. Actually, I could well have bought a mascara first, but god knows! That was a long time ago now!
What is the newest/oldest items in your collection? The newest item(s) in my makeup collection are a couple MAC lipsticks in the shades Rebel, and Peach Blossom. I haven't had much time to test them out yet, but I might do a blog post on them soon, so keep an eye out! When it comes to my oldest item in my collection, it could be anything. It's gross, I know. I don't believe in expiry dates on makeup (except mascara). If you look after it well enough, looks/smells fine, then it should be worthy to use on your face! Please don't judge me! I grow attached to old stuff, it has history, and memories. And I think my oldest makeup item is a Body Shop foundation that is a tad too orange for me....
Who is your celebrity makeup idol? I don't specifically have a celebrity makeup idol. Their makeup is always flawless, and they never have mascara smudges, or lipstick disasters. Why does it always happen to me!? If I had to pick anyone, it would have to be Emma Stone, or Lily Allen. They both embrace the natural looking skin, but also champion the smoky eye, bold lip and strong eyeliner. My ideal makeup looks.
Who is your favourite YouTube guru? I have been watching youtube for as long as I remember. I change my opinions on different youtubers quite often, and like to watch a variety of videos. At the moment, I'm really enjoying Hello October and I Covet Thee.
What is a look/trend that you wish you could pull off? I really wish I could pull off bright colours on my lids i.e. blues, greens, just the rainbow in general! I don't feel comfortable with colours on my eyes, I don't think they suit me and my eye colour. It's best for me to stick to my neutrals. I feel quite childish, or show costume-y with coloured eyeshadows/liners! I also wish I could wear blush without looking like a clown! I have already pink cheeks, but feel left out at the fact I can't buy any as there is absolutely no point! 
Any make up disasters? This question could be put into one whole post, or two! But one of my worst is when I was mid 'emo' phase where I wore too much black liquid eyeliner. I know that isn't bad, but this eyeliner was the cheapest of the cheap, and would end up being full of gaps and crumble off. It just looked terrible - believe me! At the same time, I would also have a black pencil eyeliner on my waterline. Another huge mistake. It would a) make my eyes look tiny and closed off, along with the liquid eyeliner and b) run down my face after ten minutes of wear due to my ridiculously watery eyes! 
What's your favourite make up brand? I really can't name a brand that is my favourite. I love them all for different reasons. MAC is amazing for their huge variety of lipsticks and eyeshadows. Laura Mercier is renowned for her bases; foundation, primer. And NARS for their bronzers and blushers. So, I guess I have narrowed it down to my top three favourite, minus the fact they're all very expensive *cries*
What is your favourite make up tip/trick that you wish you knew sooner? I wish I learnt to prime my skin earlier. It really does improve your makeup by 100%, and decreases the amount of oil that is left on your face at the end of the day, along with less clogged pores. I wish I had never plucked my eyebrows! Just stop! Over plucking is not attractive, and I regret trying to make my eyebrows thin when I was younger. My mum taught me what I know now, and I'm glad she did, because I don't think I would be doing this right now if she hadn't shown me how to pick the perfect shade of foundation, and that practise makes perfect.
Which 5 products could you not live without? Concealer. Because I have problematic skin, and scarring that needs to be hidden from the outside world. It can also double up as under eye concealer to hide those late nights! Brow Pencil. Due to my brows being quite sparse and thin. Although they are tinted once in a while, they still need a bit more definition. Mascara. To emphasise the eyes, and make them look wider. Again, to keep focus on the eyes, rather than any spots! Lip Balm. My lips get chapped very easily. They are never officially moisturised, so constantly need a balm. Bronzer. To give the illusion of a more tanned face. And can also be used to give the illusion of contoured cheeks, or a swipe over the eyes to give depth.


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